Thursday, December 29, 2016

A good day

The first full day was all vanity and cultural absorption. Vanity for my wife and son, who went to a certain beauty salon near Himeji Station to get their hair done. Cultural absorption for me, as I took us first to Mister Donuts (what is now Dunkin Doughnuts in the US), where we sat drinking good coffee while eating one of the best doughnuts you'll ever have.

Then, shopping at the new mega shopping complex on the station's north side. Just to see what's there, just to walk among the people. Evidently Alpha Industries is big in Japan; it's manufactured by the Edwin clothing company, but the brand is from my home town of Knoxville. It's weird to see things from  your home town so far away.

While my wife and son were getting their hair done, I hung out in the new Starbucks on the fourth floor of the Piore building. Some will scoff at going to a Starbucks, but there is no coffee shop in the country with the view that you get from there, directly down the street to Himeji Castle.

That was the first day back.

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